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Guitars That Smoke

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Our Products
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The following products are currently available for purchase:


Punch Gran Puro Guitar/Bass Hybrid

Tuned to an open G chord (a low E string tuned down to a G, and D and G strings from a standard guitar), this beautiful, wood finished Punch Gran Puro is perfect for playing blues.  Some fancy pick work with just the right glass slide (practice, practice, practice) and you’re playing the guitar and bass all by yourself… all alone… with no-one else.  If that doesn’t give you at least a start on the blues…

This guitar/bass hybrid is currently available for $95.00 plus shipping & handling where applicable.


Acid Cigar Box Guitar
REMI 1400cc

The first person who saw this guitar bought it, but then they brought it back because the neck was tooooooooooooo long.  What do you think, friend?  Is 28 measured frets more than you can handle?  This three string Acid Cigar Box produces some deep, haunting undertones.  And it looks pretty cool, too.  I’ll be honest with you… I don’t care if nobody buys this, ‘cause I like playing it myself.  In fact, my wife likes it so much she made me jack up the price.

This guitar is currently available for $200.00 plus shipping where applicable.

No other finished products are available at this time.


Please contact me regarding custom cigar box guitars, diddley bows, and Tennessee Dulcimers


Dynamite 450

Diddley Bow #20

This classic diddley bow features genuine broom handle neck construction with pyro-scribed frets and a tuning key made from a eye-bolt and wing nut.  If you’d like to remove the 46 gauge nickel wound guitar string and replace it with a length of bailing wire to make it more “authentic” looking and sounding, who’s to stop you?  This diddley bow sounds better without a slide, but is as easily played with.  It has also been outfitted with a ” jack so that it can be plugged into any standard amplification system so you can be as dangerous as you want to be.

Now available at:

517521 / 517 Lincon Ave
Bellevue, PA 15202  (412) 223-2552

Please contact for price.


Make Music Wherever You Go!

Have your cane or walking stick converted to a diddley bow.  Tired of walking?  Have a sit and diddle a tune.  Confuse your friends and be the envy of strangers!

Basic acoustic version: $20.00

Electric version: $30.00

Contact me for details about purchasing these items or about custom designs at:

If you represent a cigar shop, music shop, or other boutique interested in carrying Guitars that Smoke, please contact me for special pricing.

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