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Shane Speal
Ah, springtime hit Pennsylvania today and my kids were begging to go outside to play in the 60 degree weather.  I followed them out and had a seat on my old porch swing with a brand new Colin McRoberts cigar box guitar
Life is good.
I probably own the world's largest collection of cigar box guitars and I have played every style imaginable.  It was refreshing to sit down and play the McRoberts because it is just a damn-good, old time, no frills, roots and blues machine. 
It played like a primal dream, with the hand carved neck and long scale neck which added a touch of treble whine to the sound.  McRoberts provided a piece of PVC tube as a slide, but I found it too quiet and deadening, so I pulled out a small glass slide from my own collection.  Unfortunately, this wasn't my guitar to keep, so I had to keep myself from really digging in to the strings and marring the Punch cigar box.  (Note to the world:  cigar box guitars are supposed to get chewed up and scratched to hell.  Play like your life depended on it.  The instrument can take the abuse.)  Still, my lighter-than-usual strumming and fingerpicking caused the box to sing with every touch.  He's done a great job with the simple construction.  Although this is a primitive instrument that is created for lo-fi tones, the McRoberts didn't give unwanted buzzing or 'smooshed' tones.  Kudos.
If you're a guitarist looking for something deeper than Stevie Ray ever dreamed of, a McRoberts cigar box guitar will take you there quicker than you can say 'O brother where art thou.'  No Strat, Martin or Les Paul has the mojo of a damn-good, old time, no frills cigar box guitar by Colin McRoberts.
Shane Speal
King of the Cigar Box Guitar
curator of the Natl. Cigar Box Guitar Museum
-reviewed March 13, 2007

 joey "D"
... I am the owner of punch #17. I enjoy this so much that I felt I had to drop you a line to let you know. I know about 4 guitar chords and play a mt. dulcimer (poorly) but your guitar is the most fun I've had in some time. Once I pick it up I can't put it down. If you have ears and fingers you can play. thanx so much for making this for me ..... keep up the good work, the world needs craftsmen such as yourself.
                                                              thanx again joey "D"

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