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Not that I'm saying anything bad about any site out there, but this is like the on-line Bible for cigar box guitars.  It's all there, including how to make your own, you lazy bum!

Other Cigar Box Guitar Builders:

Lloyd "Mad Man" Madansky
The KING of Sprechstimme
Papas Boxes: Cigar Box Ukuleles
Prebuilt and Kits

And don't forget...

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So what does a CBG sound like anyway?

Check out these MP3 sites:

Lloyd "Mad Man" Madansky


  Cigar Box Rock - 24/7 on-line radio


Retailers that carry Guitars That Smoke:

The Tobacco Shop/Poor Richards

Station Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15219  

(412) 281-1133

517 Lincon Ave.
Bellevue, PA 15202
(412) 223-2552

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